resolutions for the next year

Now that 2015 is ending and the sky keeps exploding in fireworks, I should have all my resolutions figured out. I actually only started coming up with them today, though, so my list is most likely incomplete. Anyway, here it is!

1 + 2. I want to read one hundred books or more and keep track of all of them so that I don’t forget any of what I’ve read. Maybe review the books, too? But I’ll have to learn how to write actual reviews first, so I guess that’s my second resolution.

3. I also want to finish writing one of my novels (Snapshots of the Lifeless One, or SotLO for short) by May, although hopefully a lot earlier. And then I’ll spend a little time fixing it up so it’s okay enough for my family to read it.

4. I need to talk more, according to a friend, so that’s my fourth resolution. I’ve gotten slightly better at that this year, so hopefully that progress will continue!

5. I also need to be consistent in learning German every day and get more XP than everyone else because this year, I was pretty impromptu about that.

6. I’m going to start learning ASL too! There’s going to be Sign Club starting in early January, so I’ll be trying to go to that.

7. I need to worldbuild a lot. I’m probably gonna need help with this, though, since I haven’t worldbuilt seriously at all. But I’m going to work on that, so yeah!

That’s all I have. I probably should have put my accomplishments from this year too, but I guess I’ll maybe do that tomorrow for no other reason than I’m lazy. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Logomachy, which means an argument about words. People argue about grammar and stuff so often, I’m surprised it’s such a rare word.



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