me, blathering about my stories

I’ve been requested to write a post about my novels, so here it is! I’ve added a writing page recently, which has really bad summaries of two of my projects, but I’ll go more in depth here.

I’ll talk about Color it Right, first, since I thought of that story before the other one. The title is based off a quote I found: “Emotions are the colors of the soul.” Actually the title came before the story idea but I just use that quote so that the title makes sense.

The story is about three kids in Phrex, which is a country in a different version of Earth where everyone is a cyborg. And they’re not cyborgs for practical purposes–it’s just for fashion/nationalism. Maybe. Probably. I can’t tell you. Anyway, there’s one girl in the group who . . . is new to Phrex. And she doesn’t understand why everyone is a cyborg, among other things. She begins questioning how things are run and with her help, the other two discover some secrets about the country.

BUT IT IS NOT A STEREOTYPICAL OVERTHROW-THE-GOVERNMENT THING. THERE’S A BOY WHO SEES GHOSTS AND A GIRL WHO’S JUST CONFUSED ALL THE TIME AND THE SELF-PROCLAIMED QUEEN OF SARCASM AND HAIR BOWS. Also, parasites. And lies. And friendships and (spoiler) and crying. And stupid decisions and . . . well, you shall seeee!

One of the main characters is Clev Irking, who installs and probably also repairs cybernetic parts. He sees ghosts and lies sometimes. He’s quiet and mocked and doesn’t fully understand what trust and loyalty are, and in one version of the story he nearly decided to set fire to another character’s hair in order to wake her up. But I restarted after that version. Be grateful.

His best friend is Kesslyn Howard, who I’ve been using in the Character Studies posts. She’s the confused one who longs to be important, has a temper, doesn’t waste words, and . . . well, just read the Character Studies. They’ll give you the gist of her personality.

And the previously mentioned self-proclaimed queen of sarcasm and hair bows is Melainie Rhea Merker, who prefers to go by Mela. She calls Kesslyn Kessie, and Clev Clever King. She might be slightly dramatic, is intelligent, and likes formal language. She has a cute-but-annoying little sister named Patricia, but she calls her Patri (it should be obvious by now that she likes nicknames). She has an unemployed dad and a mom who does some government thing, but SHE WILL NEVER SEE ANY OF THEM AGAIN. >:D Her family, I mean. She’s stuck with Clev and Kesslyn.

My other project is Snapshots of the Lifeless One. I don’t have as much to say about that one, since it’s newer and not as developed yet, but it’s about an eleven-year-old girl. And magic rain, and a dead brother, and photos that store their consciousness. The summary on the writing page will tell you all you need to know even though it’s superrr short. I’m pretty sure the main character’s older sister will be the antagonist, and . . . yeah, I can’t really ramble about this one yet, so this is all I’ll say. I might go more in depth for this project some time in the future.



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