poem: dreams half-finished

I wrote a free-verse poem! Not exactly sure what inspired it, but here you go. Enjoy!

they leave their dreams half-finished.
abandoned on the edge of reality,
collecting dust,
fantastical creatures reduced to line and shadow and

wonderful, splendid dreams
always trying to please, to astound, but
left incomplete.
always incomplete.

and always alone.
in silent corners of the mind
twisted into something dark and broken and

and they run from it–
they call it a nightmare and they run from it–
abandoning it once more.

waking frightened, alone
as shadows and creeping things
stain the flesh beneath their eyes
with an inability to sleep.

because the monsters they created are now coming back to haunt them.


2 thoughts on “poem: dreams half-finished

  1. Free-verse poetry is really difficult, and you’ve done an awesome job with this one! The visual structure of the poem is really interesting to look at; also, your descriptions create very clear, unusual pictures in the mind. Nice job!


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