travel details and pics: pakistan trip


As some of you know, I went to Pakistan this summer! It was lots of fun, I got to spend time with my baby cousins, had a lot of great food, and took pictures (see below).

You get to see lots of cool stuff there, like TRUCK ART. And CAMELS. And DONKEY CARTS. It also has this scent kind of like dirt and dust, and smelling it makes me feel at home. It’s really hot there except for when it rains, which is when we open all the windows and doors so that the cold comes into the house.

I also ended up with a bag FULL of books, but since we couldn’t take all of them, I had to take only a few.

And for people who are creeped out by dolls, this happened at some point:

doll head.jpg

Anyway, yeah! Here are the rest of the pictures (click to enlarge):



8 thoughts on “travel details and pics: pakistan trip

  1. Pakistan sounds like a LOT of fun, and I’m so glad to hear that you had a wonderful time! The photos you took are awesome, and I’m now very curious as to exactly how that doll’s head ended up on top of the power outlets :) I know what you mean about the struggle of only being able to take a couple books on long trips. It’s very hard to choose.


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