nano 2016: notes + other prep

I’m really excited about my fairy tale retelling, and I’ve done a lot of preparation for it! For instance, this drawing of my main characters:


clara oswald staring into the distanceee (and yes i know romi looks stripe-y but it’s not my fault the markers tricked me)

I taped it to the wall so that once NaNo begins, I’ll have a constant reminder that I need to go write. My friend Shim also made me a calendar, which I printed out and then wrote my word count goals for each day on.


Also, the journal you see in the picture is what I used for my notes. I took inspiration from a video I saw about how someone created their journal for NaNo (check out if you’re curious), and so one of the pages has a list of thirty scenes that, if I write 1,667 words for each, become a whole novel (the list is originally from I also did some world-building inside, and drew a map! Which you will not be seeing.

I have a checklist of tasks in there as well, which actually worked really well because out of twelve tasks, I managed ten. One of those tasks was choosing rewards for reaching milestones when I’m writing, and so I made most of my rewards food (but not all!). I also added consequences to implement when I edit instead of write, for ultimate productivity.

The first two pages after my checklist are both resources from, such as the list of thirty scenes I mentioned. Then I have a “Special Phrase/Items” page for figuring out unique things about my characters, which eventually turned into off-topic rambling but still helped me to develop the story further. There’s also a page with details about the magic trees, which I hope to add more to. I have a few more pages for ideas and developing stuff, and then my list of milestone rewards/editing consequences. And that is all!

How ’bout you? How do you prepare for NaNo, and what resources do you prefer? I’m curious!



6 thoughts on “nano 2016: notes + other prep

  1. Of the three of us, you’re gonna be the only one not going “AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHI DIDN’T PREPARE FOR NANOWRIMO NOOOOOO THIS ISN’T WORKING” several times over.

    Ehehe, in other words, you know I’ve done really no planning.

    Did I mention that’s a really cool drawing? I like it. I’d totally draw my characters, ‘cept I haven’t a clue what they look like.


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