nano 2016: day two

The first day went very well for me! I wrote 1,404 words, which exceeded two out of three of my goals (yes, I had three different word count goals for a single day). Plus the beginning was also what I’d thought out most, so it was pretty easy.

My first sentence:

“You know,” says Tadge, hanging down from the sturdiest branch of his beloved tree, “a tree cannot be cut down unless it chooses that fate.”

I also discovered a lot about my characters (like how Romi believes the best in people while Tadge is more skeptical). Their interactions are very fun to write, and I’ve established quite a lot. Not much of the tree-magic-y stuff, though. It’s also very clear now that I’ve got a lot more worldbuilding to do once I finish the first draft.

Still! I’m very happy with how the first day went.

My favorite part that I’ve written so far is this:

“Everyone will be trying to get a glimpse of you. You very well can’t let them see your hair standing up on end and looking like a bird’s nest.”

“But I like my hair looking like a bird’s nest.”

“So do I, but Mo–”

“Right. Then she won’t like you having grass in your hair, either.”

Romi stops walking, and shakes her head until her braid flies into Tadge’s mouth and he has to spit it out. He stares at her in horror, her hair no doubt sticking up all over the place. “Ro, you can’t go in there looking like that!”

She sticks her tongue out at him. “I’m not the famous tree boy, am I?”

The second day has not gone nearly as well. I have too much homework to have written anything, and so the few hundred words I’ve written today are from this morning and a free moment or two during school. Hopefully I’ll be able to fix that this weekend, though! I think I can.

A TIP: Don’t be afraid to share your writing. Or, alternatively, be afraid but do it anyway. You’re almost always going to get positive feedback, especially from friends, and so it’ll encourage you to share your writing even more. And that’s beneficial to everyone! People get to read more of your awesome writing, and you get some needed feedback.

I let my English teacher read a short story I wrote a few days ago, and she told me that she shared it with the other English teachers, who all went “A freshman wrote this?” It’s very very encouraging to have teachers speak highly of you, so I dare you to share some writing you’re proud of! Let me know how it goes, too.



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