nano 2016: day nine

So I decided that rather than just dual narration, I’m going to add some snippets from the stepmother’s point of view into my story as well. And so far I don’t regret it at all; she’s the antagonist of the story, and so I get to write someone who really is a good person, but makes some terrible mistakes. I’m a little worried that people will think of her automatically as evil, and then associate all her qualities with evil even if a quality is good, but that’s something to worry about after this draft is done.

It’s super interesting to write from her point of view and I recommend writing from the antagonist’s point of view to everyone, ’cause it helps you to flesh out their point of view and experiment with their thought process. It’s really important to have well-developed villains, but I’ve already rambled on about that so I’m not going to that again.

(Still. Try it!)

A few themes have started showing up already, such as doing what you want for someone rather than what they want, which is really nice because themes are fun and I love them. Analyzing is fun! Dropping hints is fun! Just . . . literatureee. English class could last forever and I would not complain.

But back to my novel!

My current word count is 6945, which is probably behind where I should be. I’m happy with my progress, though; I’ve had a few 1k days and I hope to have more of those, or maybe have days go higher than that. My highest amount of words written in a day so far is about 3k, written on the last day of NaNo last year, but I hope I manage to beat that by as much as possible.

Some things my novel includes so far:

  • poems written by Edgar Allan Poe (which is weird because would that be possible in a world that’s only based off this one and not actually Earth? and if it is possible, would the time period Poe is from fit with when this story takes place, which is . . . something I don’t know? honestly this draft is just all over the place but THAT’S NOT SOMETHING TO WORRY ABOUT. yet, anyway.)
  • too many jokes about birds
  • some random kid named Hugo with tiny ears who has actually decided to help out my plot
  • a treehouse (because treehouses like to just RANDOMLY THROW THEMSELVES INTO EVERYTHING I WRITE.)
  • magical tree stumps
  • school (how do i write about it though. how. do i write out every word the teacher says or do i just write a paragraph about how boring the lesson is? i suppose writing out lecture could help my word count, and who knows, it might end up useful)

There are a lot more interesting things to come and I’m excitedd. How’s writing going for you guys?



2 thoughts on “nano 2016: day nine

  1. I included my antagonist as one of my narrators once, and you know what the result was? She didn’t end up being villainous AT ALL and instead, a random dude introduced himself out of nowhere and became my main villain instead.
    Gee, thanks, Raethl.

    Heheh, anyway, nice post, and no, I’m not procrastinating from my history essay by commenting on this post, I’ve no idea what you’re talking about, no clue, I’m totally innocent…
    Those sound like cool themes! I have…zero themes so far. Maybe now that I’ve got my supporting characters FINALLY introduced, things’ll maybe get interesting? >_<


    • Yaas but Raethl is like one of the greatest things to ever happen so that went very well! :P

      I HOPE YOUR HISTORY ESSAY IS DONE NOW. *doubts your innocence*
      Thankee! You prob’ly do already have themes; they just like to hide so you can’t figure them out right away.


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