the winds of change [reblogged]


He came in riding on the winds of change
And punched her before she could see it coming.
She a frail thing, too frail, almost deathly
While his arms were thick and his face rearranged many a times
As if he had been in fights his whole life.

“Who are you?” she asked with a gasp.
“I am the new king and you cannot stay.”
She unfurled her hurt frame and looked him in his eyes
She saw the greed and the hunger for power. She looked to his right and to his left
Saw only hate and fear, and knew her time had come.

“You are defeated and must leave. This is my kingdom now
and I shall share it with none who oppose me.
Look how they adore me,” he said.
She waited a moment and replied
“You may have won now, but it is me they dream of

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