results of this year’s resolutions

  1. Read one hundred books.
    Ahaha no I had no idea how much I read in a year. Or how to manage reading with high-school. I read . . . more like fifty. Welll, more like forty. If short stories count. So no.
  2. Learn how to write book reviews.
    Got that one down, more or less! Though there’s a lot of room for improvement. A lottt.
  3. Finish writing Snapshots of the Lifeless One by May.

    . . . nope. I think I just forgot about this completely.
  4. Talk more.
    This now just reminds me of Hamilton.

    But I did manage this one! I made lots of friends and I spoke to them and I was social. I even got invited to things, even though I couldn’t actually go to the majority of them. The feeling of maybe having a social life is the weirdest I have ever experienced.
  5. Be consistent in learning German.
    On Duolingo, sometimes, except there’s no such thing as occasionally being consistent . . . so no. In school, though, yes! Having a German class tends to help get rid of procrastination because, you know, you have to go to the class. So you can’t really procrastinate at all. It’s not an option. Being tardy or absent (in any class, really) is a whole, impossible nightmare. Yes.
  6. Start learning ASL.
    Yup! I started learning it at the beginning of the year with help from joining Sign Club. Except I’m no longer in Sign Club and now my sister’s learning more ASL than me. Welp.
  7. Worldbuild a lot.
    Well, I tried.

And now here are some things I accomplished outside of resolutions!

Writing 25k in 30 days!

Watching lots of TV!

dean confusedlifestyle religion

Surviving (a semester of) high-school!

And yes, I just used a bunch of GIFs that don’t necessarily make any sense just so I could use GIFs.


Sacrosanct, which means too important to interfere with.



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