resolutions for the year 2017


To celebrate, here is my boring list of resolutions for the year. A lot of them are more vague than I intended, but that’s probably a good thing since it allows for flexibility. Anyway . . .

1. Read fifty books. It should be manageable, if I don’t procrastinate too much.

2. Review fifteen books. Hopefully review them well, but we’ll see.

3. Write forty-five blog posts. Starting with this one!

4. Spend more time on hobbies that aren’t related to reading/writing (playing piano, ice-skating, etc.).

5. Improve my understanding of math. It’d be nice to bring my math grade up to the A-range.

6. Finish at least one of my novels before I start a new one.

7. Write five short stories, not necessarily published on this blog.

8. Be a consistent member of some club at school (rather than going to one meeting and then never going again). This can be either in 9th grade or 10th, but I feel like it’ll be the latter since I’m pretty busy and still getting used to high school right now.

9. Reach 50k in any novel I’m writing. Most likely my fairy-tale retelling one.

10. Go to more social things in general. Throw a party! That’s what I’m supposed to be doing in high school anyway, according to every movie ever.


Vainglory, which means excessive pride.



6 thoughts on “resolutions for the year 2017

  1. Oooh, good luck with all of your goals! I didn’t know you ice skated; that’s awesome. :D

    *has never thrown a party during high school* *is apparently not fulfilling her duty as a high schooler*

    Happy New Year!


      • Hehe, you should! I haven’t ice skated yet this year…or gone sledding…I want to, though! What show is the GIF from?

        *yes, indeedy, I have been to several parties*



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