Voice of the Juniper Tree

On a snow-filled day, a woman wished for a child under a juniper tree.

Now everyone fears Tadge.

The child from the woman’s vision under the juniper, he’s more bonded with the trees than anyone else. but it’s more than that. It’s the magic the trees have given him–power rivaled only by the tribes to the east.

His stepmother schemes to kill him, his stepsister schemes to stop her, and his father is left completely unaware.

But Tadge has got a few tricks of his own.

Snapshots of the Lifeless One (WIP)

A little piece of Nura Khan lives in every photo of her.

It’s a pain. It’s a power. It’s a secret.

And she’s going to use it to bring back her dead brother.

[better summary to come]

Color It Right (WIP)

Clev Irking installs cyborg parts, living a secluded life in order to keep himself out of a mental facility. His best friend is the only constant person in his life, but his secrets may be the friendship’s undoing.

Kesslyn Howard has always longed to be a hero, rather than just a girl whose strangest quality is who she’s friends with. When a stranger shows up in the building where she works and unsettles all she’s ever known, she may just get her chance.

Melainie Merker is pretty shaken up, considering the possible death of her family and the fact that she may have been teleported. But when she finds herself surrounded by cyborgs and ghosts, she realizes her adventure is only beginning.

The three of them find themselves on a journey to uncover the lies that build up their society, but the loss they’ll have to face may just be too great.



Dreams Half-Finished [free verse]


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